The Moose and Gander

Commonly called “Horns and Honker”, The Moose and Gander has been in continuous operation for 15 of the last 20 years with an accidental poisoning rate far below that of other drinking establishments on the south end of Gothisburg.

The Bar

The establishment serves ale and wine, as well as a daily selection of pub fare for a nominal fee. The patron is also expected to contribute spare change to the hat on the bar marked “For the Orphans” which serves as tip jar, and accidental poisoning protection racket.


On the second story of the pub there are 6 rooms which can be rented by the night or by the week. An additional attic “loft” contains 10 small pallets for those seeking discount lodgings. There is are additional fees charged for bedding, clean bedding, service, and pest control.


The Moose and Gander is frequented by only two groups of people. Those who enjoy the charming rustic atmosphere and fabulous food, and those looking for alternative employment opportunities. No one from the former category has been spotted in the last decade.

The Moose and Gander

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