Known as the Floating City, Gothisburg is really built on an island but you’d never know to look at it. Just over 25 square miles of land has expanded to over 40 square miles of city built on the debris of former inhabitants and carefully engineered pylons in the Hannzon Bay. City is home to nearly 1 million souls, most of them living.

The city center contains the world-renowned Fort Gothisburg, constructed by the famous General Anthony Gothis known as “The mad general”. The Fort, once a beautify example of Mad Andy’s paranoid period, is now in terrible disrepair with crumbling towers, a boggy moat, and a pesky zombie infestation.

Other famous city landmarks include:

The Three Virtues a huge fountain depicting the triplet Goddesses of Strength, Thrift, and Madness. Conveniently located at the intersection of 7 major roads and designed to confuse invading armies.

The Gothisburg Institute of Research and Learning The hub of intellectual thought in this hemisphere and a great place to sell unwanted organs, pets, or children.

Mintania Opera House Where Madam Tealica is reputed to have sung her famous four-week aria “Ode to My Dog Puddles” somtime in early part of this century. Now home to the Gothisburg Philharmonics Orchestra and Acoustic Infantry.

The City Gardens Part Botanical Labs, part stroling gardens. Surrounded by 10 foot high fences to keeps the plants in and the Weredeer out.

Colossus of Freedom


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