Colossus of Freedom

Straddling the span between Enlightenment Island and Liberty Island the Colossus of Freedom stands over 200 meters tall. In his right hand he holds a ledger; in his left he holds a lantern which is lit with a gigantic gas flame. The wrist, hand, and lantern sweep slowly north to south acting as a lighthouse for the mouth of the Hannzon Bay.

Southern Foot

The southern (right) foot of the statue rests on Enlightenment Island. The lantern is held in the right hand and requires a huge natural gas supply to keep burning. The foot of the statue truly rests several hundred feet off of the island; to ensure the stability of the statue’s foundations, since frequent explosions of the natural gas reserves were deemed to be too likely.

Northern Foot

The northern (left) foot rests on Liberty Island. In the left hand the Colossus hods a ledger supposedly inscribed with the entirety of the Articles of Freedom upon which the United Territories was founded. Unfortunately no one really knows what is written on the tablet since the writing is in an Old Runic script and far to small to see with the naked eye. Every year one or two adventures fall to their deaths while attempting to get close enough to read the nearly vertical face of the ledger.

Colossus of Freedom

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