• James M Tolentine IV

    James M Tolentine IV

    Avowed coward and latest in a long line of demon hunters Telly seems a study in contradictions. Will he ever live up to his family’s exceptions? Or will he find a way to return to his first and only love; ham.
  • Madam Zeno

    Madam Zeno

    Young in years but ancient in spirit, how did this ravishing 17 year old beauty gain access to the wisdom of the ancients? And what secret does her locket hold?
  • Regie Reinhold

    Regie Reinhold

    Swordsmen for hire are a dime a dozen in Gothisburg but none less successful than this son of an inn keeper and a traveling dancer. Who was Regie’s mother really? And what secrets did she pass along with that mysterious saber?
  • Shelton “Shel” Bigsby

    Shelton “Shel” Bigsby

    Benign local pickpocket and sneak thief with a taste for precious gems or something far more sinister? And can he really talk to dogs?